About GRM

Readymix Company in UAE

GRM was incorporated in 2007 to venture into the field of top notch readymix that were dominated by the companies with credential collaborations in Dubai. We focused on the high end market and invested in the best equipment and machinery needed to flourish our industry. Over the years, we have rose to become one of the market leaders in the readymix industries. The boom in the construction industry opened up many opportunities for us and the company has today evolved to great heights handling large construction projects. At our industry, we have some of the best well experienced engineers and technicians to carry out the work smoothly without any disruption. Every other facilities are looked after under close supervision according to the requirements of the project. The plants are fitted with a large transit mixer fleet with completely computerized concrete batching plant with modern cooling systems. Additionally, for higher horizontal and vertical heights, other equipment sets such as mobile concrete pump, stationary pump and placement booms are used.

GRM operates state-of-the-art equipment to ensure its customers receive a cost-efficient quality product, produced in plants that are safe and environmentally aware. From readymix concrete to volumetric, we put our customer service at the forefront of what we do. We aim to exceed their expectations by providing them a service worth their trust and for considering us in their future projects. Production quality & control is ensured in a state-of-the-art testing laboratory through the expertise of a qualified technical staff. And in addition, the implementation of the quality control program greatly increases performance in various areas of service. Certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and the Certificate of conformity by Dubai Municipality / DCLD confirm adherence to and implementation of strict quality control, environmental and safety standards. We focus on achieving 100 per cent customer satisfaction at each delivery and are proud of the quality of our goods by using the best available raw materials.

Readymix company in UAE


Rising from a strong background with years of superlative experience, GRM has come a long way by offering the best to meet the customer’s requirements.

One of the main goals of our industry is to provide honest and reliable service so as to earn the customer’s trust to include us in their future projects. We have strived to build up the readymix industry from scratch by expanding its roots in Dubai and continuing to develop more.

With the help of our high end machinery and equipment, we seek to reach among the high profile project sectors. At GRM, our qualified workers ensures sufficient resources are available at all times for continuous development of its goods and processes. Today, the name of GRM has become synonymous with reliability and consistently delivering high quality readymix concrete through established values.

Personally, I would like to appreciate and convey my gratitude towards the GRM management and the entire team for their crucial effort in every little detail and for helping us rise and grow further. And last but not the least, my utmost thanks to our loyal customers for believing in us and entrusting us with their genuine support all these years.

Our Team

Khalid Irfan
General Manager-Business Development
Our Business Development Manager, Khalid Irfan is a graduate of Civil Engineering with 15 years of ready-mix experience who holds a Materials Engineer Certificate from Dubai Municipality. Researching and finding potential business prospects-including emerging markets, growth sectors, patterns, consumers, alliances, goods and services-or new ways of targeting established audiences is one of the key positions in the industry. Some of his responsibilities include commenting on the present state of future initiatives, markets and trends and keeping track of them. He devotes his time to leading the pre-qualification, RFP’s and formal presentation training and development. He also establishes outstanding customer relationships by ensuring that all their criteria’s are fulfilled according to the standards of our business.

Wael Ali
General Manager-Marketing

Our Marketing Manager has over 13 years of experience in the ready-mix concrete industry, including roles at Samsung – Saif Bin Darwish JV, Premco Ready Mix Concrete Co, Q. Mix Ready Mix (Member of TREMIX Abu Dhabi), National Readymix Concrete Co, and RAK MIX Ready Mix. Some of his notable accomplishments include tracking and reviewing the success of promotional programs, managing the marketing budget, and ensuring that all marketing content is consistent with our brand name. He collaborates with the technological and operational teams to ensure that the clients’ needs are met. He also devotes a lot of time and effort to resurrecting research and standards, as well as assisting with proposal and mix design planning.

He emphasizes on the core responsibilities of any general manager’s job: creating a positive work environment, formulating strategy, allocating resources, developing managers, growing the company, and managing operations. Its significance stems from the fact that it serves as an organizing framework for the vast majority of operations performed by general managers. As a General Manager, he aids in the definition of the job’s scope, the setting of priorities, and the identification of essential interrelationships between various areas of activity. Every organization has its own unique work environment, a legacy from the past that influences how managers respond to issues and opportunities to a large extent. However, whatever environment our general manager gets from the past, he makes shaping—or reshaping—it a key job.

Byju Balakrishnan
Workshop Manager

Our workshop manager, Byju Balakshrishnan is an extremely hardworking Automobile Engineer with a vivid experience of 15 years in the field of heavy and concrete supplying equipment. He is very intellectual and is capable of grasping every area of his profession in order to assure proficiency and correctness. With his remarkable experience at the previous companies in UAE such as M/S United Motors and LLC, M/S Emirates Beton Ready Mix LLC & Reem Ready Mix LLC, he has proven to be an added asset to our company. He is accountable for the quality of the work performed as a workshop manager, and he performs incoming and exiting inspection on all components and assemblies or delegated that responsibility. Aside from that, he keeps the fleet running smoothly by performing inspections and preventive maintenance. He also does engine, safety, and combustion control standards testing, as well as diagnostic system testing and equipment verification, all while adhering to federal vehicle criteria.

George Williams Joy
General Manager-Sales

George Williams Joy is the General Manager-Sales (Ready Mix) at GRM LLC, which is a part of the Gokulam Group. Williams has over 15 years of experience in the ready mix industry, including 13 years with CEMEX and three years with AL Ghurair Construction Ready-mix LLC before joining GRM Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The combination of the multinational and local exposure in this industry has enhanced and positioned Williams with a very respectable association with the contractors and consultants from the top to bottom of industry leaders. He was able to uphold both the organization as a distinctly and very well benchmarked company in the industry at the time of market crisis. Williams is known for his leadership, team management and customer relationship styles in the industry.  As always, he is never revels his secret of success, he always say it needs to be understood by the organization as the industry values the organization. while growing his career with the in the previous organization.  He was selected to senior management programme where he joined the international team of 7 members of period 8 months and was instrumental in establishing the foundation for service excellence that led to the strategic decision These series of events added up in laying the foundation path for the future ventures of the organization, He orchestrated the opening and developed the new brand standards within the organization for value over volume and concentration of value added products for the customer leading the way to a highly successful launch made by the UAE division to green concrete.

Williams officially joined the industry in 2006 but was there always from his childhood, as he is the second generation Dubaite, who is brought up in this soil seeing the industry and surrounding markets grown as we see it now.  Williams holds a BSBA degree from Champlain College Burlington, Vermont (USA) and also, he is Professional concrete technologist certified by NRMCA as a (CCTME).  He continues his education through online courses as the scarcity of free Stretch on time management, listening skills, team works, Sources of accruing new technological knowledge etc When he is not doing any of things above, He actions and enjoys desert drives, gardening and cricket.


Our goal is to lead the industry to reduce carbon emissions and accelerate the transition to low carbon infrastructure. We will actively try our best to implement and encourage high-quality and sustainable building materials and solutions to our customers.


Having an extremely devoted team with years of experience in hand, we strive to meet our customer’s needs by providing them with the best outcome worth the money. We seek to work with dignity, reliability and integrity to earn our customer’s trust by being the first choice of sustainable readymix concrete solutions.