Durable concrete is engineered to survive the chemical intrusion of soil, water and air. Basically, the use of cement replacements such as GGBS, PFA and Micro silica, low water cement ratio and chemical admixtures that can enhance the water tightness of the mix is the secret of producing durable concrete.

Advantage of Durable Concrete

  • better workability, making placing and compaction easier
  • Higher strength in latter days
  • lower early-age temperature rise, reducing the risk of thermal cracking in large pours
  • elimination of the risk of damaging internal reactions such as ASR
  • high resistance to chloride ingress, reducing the risk of reinforcement corrosion
  • high resistance to attack by sulphate ,chloride and other chemicals
  • Long Service life
  • considerable sustainability benefits
  • more aesthetically pleasing appearance

Common Usage

  • Foundations
  • Piling
  • Substructures/superstructures
  • Water retaining structures
  • Dams
  • Bridges
  • Marine structures for tidal variations
  • Concrete susceptible to chemical attacks
  • Massive Concrete structure