How does readymix concrete increase the speed of construction?

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We are living in a busy world, where speed is a determining factor in choosing adequate requirements for our daily activities. In the construction industry, speed is equally important as it can highly influence the overall price of construction and the profit and loss involved in property sale. So, every civil engineer will seek effective solutions that can increase the pace of construction and complete their work in fixed time limits. Readymix concrete (RMC) is such an effective solution that makes construction quicker and stronger, especially for high rise buildings and large projects.

What is readymix concrete?

It is a type of concrete that is manufactured in a batching plant as per given proportions and then delivered to various work sites by trucks mounted with mixers. This is in contrast to mixing concrete in work sites by manual labour, which will consume much time and manual labour. GRM is a leading readymix company in Dubai providing top quality concrete for projects of all sizes and terrains.

Benefits of readymix concrete?

Readymix concrete offers many advantages compared to site-mixed concrete. Here are a few major benefits of readymix.

Fast delivery – Time has great significance in the construction world. Choosing readymix concrete helps to avoid delays caused by erecting and dismantling onsite mixing equipment, and instead lets you directly focus on the job. Delivery of readymix concrete also continue in a timely and efficient manner, regardless of the order size. Being the best readymix company in Dubai, GRM ensures fast and timely delivery of concrete for all work sites across UAE.

Superior Quality – During concrete mixing, it is important to balance the water-cement ratio perfectly, and also to make sure the aggregates used are properly graded. These factors are easier to manage and measure with readymix concrete. This in turn supports the production of a more premium product that far surpasses traditional concrete produced on-site.

Affordable Cost – It’s one of the goals of any project to save money and that’s where readymix concrete can help you. Instead of separately purchasing each raw material, you can get the whole product delivered at your work site without spending huge amounts. You can also reduce the labour cost involved considerably as the mixing is done before delivering at the construction site. Apart from reducing initial costs, this method also avoids the costs of paying for onsite storage of raw materials. Also, as a long-term profit, the hardness of concrete increases overtime, making it a sturdy and durable option that needs less maintenance costs.

Sustainable – As the society is in dire need of sustainable development, readymix concrete can contribute a lot towards this end. The precise manner in which readymix is manufactured results in less concrete wastage, therefore leading to less pollution and a higher standard of energy conservation.

Need to make your construction faster?

If you are in search of a proven solution to make your construction faster and efficient, readymix concrete is the best option for your requirement. GRM is the most trusted readymix company in Dubai delivering strong and sustainable concrete across UAE within minimum time frame. We ensure our clients get the maximum benefit of readymix in terms of time, effort and budget.

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