Light Weight Concrete: An Overview

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Lightweight concrete (LWC) is a remarkable human creation that is employed in a variety of building applications. Frames and floors, curtain walls, shell roofs, folded plates, bridges, off-shore oil platforms, and precast are just a few of the many applications that it has. When compared to a typical one, the strength of LWC is 25 to 35 percent lighter.

Broadly, there are three types of concrete, each of which is classified into three weight categories: heavy concrete, normal weight concrete, and lightweight concrete. The following are the compositions:

3200 kg/m to 4000 kg/m (heavy) 2400 kg/m to 2600 kg/m is considered normal. -2000 kg/m is lightweight.

A Brief History

Humans have been working on lightweight concrete for a long time. It has clearly been used since prehistoric times, dating back to the Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilizations in 3,000 BC. Furthermore, it was used by the Romans, and great historical constructions like the St. Sofia Cathedral of Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey, still exist. In addition, there are various examples of LWC being used predominantly in buildings, such as the Roman temple Pantheon, which was built in the years.

Process and Properties of Production

The LWC can be created by a variety of methods. The most common approach to making LWC is to fully remove the fine aggregates from the mix, which is known as no-fines concrete. Aerated Concrete, also known as foam, gas, or cellular concrete, is the second most popular way of manufacturing this concrete. The method of processing is quite unique since it is created by injecting bubble spaces into the concrete, which aids in the formation of a cellular structure.

Lightweight Aggregate Concrete is the third sort of classification (LWAC). When compared to conventional concrete, which has a specific gravity of 2.6, this has lower specific gravity. This is the most common concrete type utilized in the system. Because of the properties they provide, they are primarily used in the construction process. The following are some of the features that are sought in materials used as lightweight aggregates:

  • Surface texture and particle shape
  • Bulk specific gravity
  • Unit Weight
  • Strength of lightweight aggregates
  • Moisture content and absorption

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There are a large number of LWC applications being pursued with the aim of production. Low-Density Concrete aggregates have a low unit weight (800 kg/m3) and are divided into three categories. Because of the compressive strength of 7.0 to 17.0 mph, which is also known as moderate strength concrete, they are sometimes used as a filler in concrete.

It is utilized as masonry blocks in our native land, and because of the light weight of the blocks, labor can easily transport them and shift them to other locations, completing the circuit at extraordinary speed, which is helpful to the plant as the work is being done.


The primary and most significant benefit of lightweight aggregate is that it is ideally suited for seismic design since it reduces a dead load of a concrete structure. Furthermore, it performs very well during natural disasters, for example, earthquakes, because of its small weight.

Higher-strength/weight ratio, stronger tensile strain capacity, lower coefficient of thermal expansion, and enhanced heat and sound insulation qualities due to air gaps are only a few of the advantages over regular concrete.

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