Problems of Low-Quality Concrete

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We have been using concrete as an essential part of our buildings for so many years. However, not all concrete is of the same quality. We don’t want to make any compromise when it comes to building materials. You have the option of using different materials whenever you work on a project. The cost of materials will vary depending on the product’s quality. Cheaper items are likely to be of inferior quality, while more expensive items are more likely to last. Some people choose lower-cost materials to save money. While utilizing low-quality materials may appear to be a smart idea at the moment, it can lead to a range of issues. Consider the problems you can encounter if you employ low-quality materials. You can avail of the best quality cement, which GRM is a reputed Readymix concrete supplier in Dubai.

Causes behind the poor quality of concrete

Poor quality concrete is mostly the result of using the wrong volumes of cement or failing to create a mix that is properly batched for its application. Unfortunately, some suppliers aim to reduce their manufacturing costs in order to increase their profit margins, therefore they can employ low-cost materials and poor workmanship while making concrete.

The usage of recycled resources might also result in poor-quality concrete. Some businesses may use it to promote their green credentials, employing a large number of recycled materials in a concrete mix. It can degrade the quality of the concrete, potentially causing difficulties with its finish and strength.

Problems that arise with low-quality cement

Lack of durability

If you want to last your buildings longer, use higher-quality materials. For example, using a high-quality aggregate as a base for your concrete project will last longer than using a poor-quality product. By doing this, you will come to know the safety aspects along with the durability of your project. GRM Readymix company in Dubai provides quality durable concrete across the UAE.

Overall look

If you spend your time working sincerely on anything, the end result will be very beautiful. High-quality materials have a more pleasing appearance than low-quality materials, which can improve your project’s overall aesthetics. You might not be pleased with the end effect if you use low-quality material.


A pattern will be visible when too much concrete is laid in one location at a time, or it is not compacted properly. This looks awkward and gives an unfinished look to your building.

Cold joints

A weak bond forms when fresh concrete is put on top of partially set concrete. These are called cold joints. It makes the building weak and may act as a threat also.


Cracks can be seen in a multitude of shapes and be caused by a range of factors. The poor-quality cement is one of the major causes to form cracks. It is very dangerous to the buildings and also looks unpleasant.


As previously stated, the cost can be influenced by the quality of the cement. While using low-priced materials will save you money in the short term, it will almost certainly cost you more in the long run. These materials are likely to settle, rut, washout, distort, fade, crack, chip, or corrode and basically, they are unlikely to last. In the best-case scenario, they may convey the impression that your work is less than professional. In this scenario, warranty work may be required, reducing your profits. By the time you’ve replaced everything, you will have spent just as much, if not more, than if you’d started with high-quality materials.


Poor-quality materials might actually harm your reputation as a contractor. If a homeowner or general contractor has nothing but bad things to say about a job you worked on, they’ll tell their friends and relatives about it. This will make a huge loss to your business that is something you won’t be able to afford. Make the right choice of materials for your next project that looks good and lasts a long time instead of cutting corners and using low-quality materials.

GRM: The best quality concrete for your buildings

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