Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Team is able to respond to the demands of our consumers for unique items that are conveniently positioned and carried out according to their expectations. In order to provide you with the skills required for your services and needs, GRM has employed quality workers who have the knowledge, training and experience.

Our high-performance concrete mixes are engineered to maximize longevity and strength, make it easy to position and finish, have consistent initial set times and minimize costs for consumers. Our Quality Assurance Team has a high degree of expertise and qualification.


GRM has a global Health and Safety System and a comprehensive HSE strategy according to UAE guidelines. We are aiming to a zero injury goal and do not tolerate dangerous job conditions that could cause either of our staff or any members of society to have an accident or ill health. Accident avoidance, employee health protection and environmental protection are essential components of our organizational policies. Golden Ready-mix instils in all employees that no need, competitive edge, expense or time-saving action is worth any kind of injury to any person. Health and welfare is a constant priority and should be expressed in the actions of our employees at all times.

This contribution to protection has been expanded beyond the organisation by GRM and is associated in a range of public efforts to increase safety and understanding. We always promise that goods can be transported, processed, treated, used and disposed of safely. However, certain goods, if the necessary measures are not taken, can bear risks to people’s health and safety. GRM has a number of product protection sheets to avoid any dangers, listing the key hazards and measures that can be taken when treating these items.