What are the benefits of using readymix concrete in construction?

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Readymix concrete is manufactured by mixing cement, water, sand, gravel or crushed stones in the right proportion within a batching plant or transit mixers and delivered to work sites as per requirements. It is highly helpful for builders and building owners as it saves them from the additional cost, time and effort to procure the necessary raw materials, mix them on site and store the excess concrete for future use.

Types of Readymix concrete

Readymix concrete is divided into different types based on the way it is manufactured. Let us discuss them in detail.

Transit Mixed Concrete

Transit mixed concrete is manufactured by batching all the raw materials directly at the plant and mixing them thoroughly in transit trucks using water. It is also called truck mixed or dry batched concrete. Transit mixing helps to prevent the problems of early hardening and slump loss. The speed, number of revolutions and time of mixing can be controlled and managed as per requirements to produce different variations of the concrete.

Shrink-mixed concrete

As the name signifies, this type of concrete is produced by mixing the concrete partially at the plant, in order to shrink the volume of the concrete. The rest of the mixing is done within the truck during the transit or at the construction site. This is done to increase the truck’s load capacity and carry more concrete per load to the work sites.

Central-mixed concrete

This type of concrete is mixed wholly at the plant in a stationary mounted mixer before it is transferred into trucks for being carried to construction sites. This allows better quality control, consistency and higher production capacity compared to other types of concrete. Central mixed plants are also known as wet-batch or pre-mix plants.

Benefits of Readymix Concrete

Ready mix concrete (RMC) helps to produce concrete of uniform quality as it is manufactured flawlessly using advanced technology and machineries.

It enables more efficient operation at the construction sites with regard to time management, pollution control, labour reduction and resource utilization.

The durability and strength of readymix concrete is more compared to traditional concrete as the mixing and proportion is done in a consistent manner according to scientific research and is quality tested in laboratories for efficiency.

Readymix helps to reduce the wastage of resources that occur during traditional mixing at on site. As it is manufactured and stored in bulk within plants and transferred to sites as per need, it helps save wastage in the form of dust, miscalculation etc.

It is an ideal solution to eliminate the issue of space limitations at work sites for mixing and storing the concrete.

There is no need to clean the construction sites of excess concrete and raw materials after the completion of the work.

Looking for a reliable readymix concrete supplier in Dubai?

Although readymix concrete has many benefits compared to traditional concrete, the quality and reliability of products and service may vary according to each supplier and manufacturer. It depends on their infrastructure facilities, technical knowhow, transport services, dedication and many other factors. GRM is the best readymix concrete supplier in Dubai with vast experience and high-end technological amenities that can make your construction projects strong, durable and sustainable at all times.

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