Why should you consider readymix concrete over traditional concrete?

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Are you planning a new construction project for yourself or for your client? There are a whole lot of factors to consider before executing your plans including the availability of quality raw materials like cement, sand, bricks, steel rods and much more. Technology has advanced a great deal and we can bring a great change in the way constructions happen with minimum utilization of resources and minimum effect on environment, at the same time putting no compromise on the quality of your structure.

As we know, concrete is the base of every construction that lends great stability and structural efficiency to a building. But, getting the right concrete is a great challenge for all builders. It includes renting and setting up the concrete mixer, blending the ingredients accurately and storing of waste materials. It’s also important to consider the time, labour and transportation costs needed for moving, mixing and pouring the concrete.
As a branded readymix company in Dubai, GRM has understood the benefits of readymix concrete over traditional concrete mixed on-site. Aside from saving valuable time and labour costs, there are many other advantages to going with advanced readymix concrete.

Ensure quality

A professional readymix provider will ensure that your concrete is manufactured using advanced machineries in a controlled setting to deliver superior quality concrete that suits your exact project needs. This eliminates human error and make sure that you receive highly strong and durable concrete for your construction.

Enhance speed

With the help of readymix concrete, you can speed-up construction and save valuable time, which is very essential for the timely completion of a project. As the necessary amount of concrete is supplied on-site in the right proportion, you don’t have to worry about renting the equipment, transporting raw materials, employing laborers for mixing and pouring, and maintaining the infrastructure for storing leftover concrete.

Reduce environmental impact

Readymix concrete is more sustainable and helps to reduce the negative impact of construction on nature. It controls the effect of carbon footprint and prevents environmental pollution. As the concrete is produced in bulk amount and supplied to sites as per requirement, it also helps to reduce wastage of cement and other raw materials to a large extent. Readymix is also largely helpful in reducing the noise and air pollution in construction sites.

Improves flexibility

Readymix concrete is manufactured in a variety of types to aid different kinds of construction. There is durable concrete that can remain strong for decades by withstanding the corrosive effects of natural elements like air, water and soil. Another one, high performance concrete makes construction easier and has a lasting effect on the building. Lightweight concrete helps to reduce the burden of structural weight and enhance safety in construction. Thus, readymix allows greater flexibility during construction compared to the traditional method.

Cost savings

As we know, it is a great expense to rent the necessary equipment, transportation facilities, labourers and storing facilities for mixing, pouring and storing the raw materials needed to prepare the concrete. Readymix concrete allows to cut down all these costs apart from saving future expenses for repair and maintenance.

From the above discussion, it is undebatable that readymix concrete is a far better option for construction than traditional concrete. Whatever be the size of your project or the mixture requirements, an experienced readymix provider can save your time, labour and many other costs to help you complete the project on time and with quality. GRM is the leading readymix company in Dubai with most advanced equipment, expert engineers, transportation facilities and infrastructure that can guarantee the best product and service at minimum cost. Visit our website to know more on our services and order the right readymix concrete for your future projects.

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